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Drains in your home

The drain behind your kitchen will look like this.  It will consist of waste lines and vent lines.  Plumbing in Chicago is done by the book.   All Plumbers in Chicago follow these same codes as do we.


plumbing chicago

Drains outside

This is a typical layout of a 4" house drain outside the building.  The materials are made of cast iron pipes or clay tile pipes in Chicago.  This material is very stable and will allow your drains to stay intact for decades.

plumbing chicago

Branch lines being routed into the main house drain, with a clean-out station for future access.

This is a typical 4" rough.  We replaced old clay tile that had failed over the years.

 Using clay or iron pipe for your drains and sewers,  will allow you many years of great service if properly maintained.  Power rodding your system is a must, at least once or twice a year.  We recommend every spring and fall.

Drain and sewer vents

Check out this great video