Tree roots Chicago

Sewer blocked with tree roots

Tree Root Removal

Chicago tree roots always end up in your sewer main.  Removing tree roots can be accomplished by a couple of old school methods.  First, we try to power rod your  sewer with different size cutters to get out the roots so the water will drain again.  This is usually a short term fix.  The only way to ensure they don't keep growing back is to dig up the sewer line and remove the infested area, then replacing the pipe with new pipes.  Here's a tip, pour your left over rock salt in your catch basin in spring to help kill the tree roots.  Tree Roots don't like salt water.

tree roots chicago

The best way to prevent a costly dig-up, is to power rod your drains on a bi-annual maintenance .  We suggest rodding your line in the Spring and again in the fall.  Spring showers will cause basement flooding because the water can't get out fast enough due to the clogged lines.  See picture above.  That is a typical tree root infestation.

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